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WebAudit is a brand for Robert Drózd, one of the first usability specialists in Poland.

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Our major goal is to improve efficiency of our clients’ websites. For that purpose we offer three kind of services.

Usability Audit

We improve the way your clients interact with your website. For instance we look at the information architecture (navigation, labels, searching facilities) and general ease of use. We find these elements of your website, that worsen the user experience and may even force people to leave. Our methodology combines heuristic analysis and guidelines review.

Special solutions include:

E-Commerce Audit

The main goal of E-commerce Audit is improving the shopping experience. With our report you’ll be able to understand dropouts and to increase the number and volume of orders.

We make extensive use of web analytics software, mainly Google Analytics.

Accessibility Audit

If your website is accessible, more people can use your it effectively in more situations.

We check how your website behaves in unusual environments:

We also check the website against web standards, including WCAG 1.0/2.0 and Section 508.

Our reports

A final outcome of our work is always a report. We list and prioritize problems that affect effectiveness of your website. Along with each problem, we suggest the solution, which is as simple and economical as possible. We usually leave implementing of the changes to the client’s team. Our reports are available in Polish and/or English.

See an exemplary usability report for

Additional details

We are based in Warsaw, most of our services are available online, regardless of your location.

How to contact us?

Phone: (+48) 608-335233

You'll find more contact options at Contact Page (in Polish).